Parents Step Ahead looks to build upon its programs by establishing Parent Step Ahead Centers in local schools and expanding the “Parent Step Ahead” model state and nationwide. It is an initiative of the first ever space inside of schools that will bring the home and school closer together. The Parents Step Ahead Center’s full‐time Social Worker, Psychologist and Center Administrator will provide advice and counsel related to emotional and educational well being, while establishing mental support systems for academic achievement— thus leading to higher graduation rates. The PSA Center will teach parents how to help with their children’s education, see them through college, and also help minority parents to learn English, continue their education and educate them on financial issues that includes saving money for the future, for college and buying a home.

The existence of the Parents Step Ahead Centers will create a link between schools, communities and educational practitioners to provide parents the proper education and resources necessary to ensure the academic and personal success of their children.

For more information about the Parents Step Ahead Center, please check out our Parents Step Ahead Center Flyer

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