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Teacher Ambassadors

“There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fills you with so much quail shot that you can’t move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.” — Robert Frost

Teachers and administrators have first-hand knowledge of the issues their students face. It is imperative that they work with parents to address these issues.  Most teachers are dedicated and passionate.  Their love for teaching is what drives them.  They also know they cannot do the job alone, that they need quality help from the families and the community they serve.

With the support of Educational Testing Service (ETS), PSA has developed an outreach component consisting of teachers and administrators who become “ambassadors” who work actively with PSA to make sure our school programs are successful in engaging parents, particularly those who have never participated in their child’s school activities or visited their schools.  PSA Ambassadors assist by calling parents to personally invite them to participate and take advantage of the opportunities available the day of the conferences.

PSA recognizes Ambassadors for their hard work by providing door prizes for teachers who help with the PSA school seminars. Their program participation makes them eligible to participate in an all-expenses-paid educational trip to Washington, September.  Ambassadors are VIP guests at the annual National LATINA Style Symposium meet with Department of Education officials, educational organizations and visit Congress, the White House and other institutions.

“Parents Step ahead gave me much more than a week of learning about the other side of education.  They gave me a renewed sense of self.  The awareness that there are people out there who recognize the struggles that teachers face and want to do something about it is so empowering in itself.”

Carole Bagnoche, Northside ISD (San Antonio, TX)

“The trip that I had won from Parents Step Ahead was a trip of a lifetime…I am not just saying that to be nice; it is the truth!  Hands down, I will always fondly remember your exceptional kindness, generosity, cheerfulness and thoughtfulness to me.”

Donna Lewis, Secondary Reassignment Center, Irving ISD

PSA Teacher Ambassadors are the champions who are making the difference in their pupils’ lives by going the extra mile to reach out and empower parents.

ETS has supported our parental engagement programs since day one through the establishment of the Teacher Ambassador initiative, by assisting in analyzing data collected from program participants and by providing experts to address issues that may arise with test taking.  Parents get first-hand information on how to help their children prepare for test-taking.  Thanks to ETS, PSA is able to recognize this group of outstanding education leaders.