Month of The Family

Celebrate March as
Month of the Family:


Designate 1 night a week to spend with your family

Do you talk with your family? Do you share meals or participate in group activities?  Start now and join PSA in promoting family unity and preserve values by designating one night a week to spend with your family.

Celebrate the MOF by getting all family members together for weekly activities. Whether it is for 30 minutes or the entire day, take the time to enjoy and appreciate your family. Commit to family quality and quantity time.  Make these activities a tradition that can be carried on to future generations. Schools, community organizations and businesses can also get involved by developing a series of messages and activities focusing on family unity throughout the month of March.

PSA promotes family unity and helps preserve values by celebrating March as the Month of the Family (MOF).  Schools, community organizations and businesses come together to develop messages and activities focused on family unity. Schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in San Antonio are chosen for a special PSA-hosted family day during which attendees join to beautify their schools.  Projects include new gardens, renovation of teachers’ lounges, theater and learning centers and many others.