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Who We Are

Our Mission is to recognize, educate, enable and empower parents to take a proactive role in the educational and personal development of their children

We want to increase every child’s opportunity

Parents Step Ahead (PSA) was established to remedy the growing lack of awareness plaguing parents, especially underserved parents, which has put their children at a significant disadvantage in school and in life. Parental involvement is an essential component for children’s success of and for what is needed to close the achievement gap that is so prevalent in low-income students. PSA, a 501-C3 nonprofit organization established in 2006, has developed and applied a proven model of parental engagement.


Please join Parents Step Ahead in this opportunity to change communities. If you need further information please feel free to contact us

Why Our Cause?

Our Mission

To recognize, educate, enable and empower parents to take a proactive role in the educational and personal development of their children

Our Vision

To increase every child’s opportunity to reach his or her personal full potential by providing education and support, to empower parents and families, particularly the undeserved and underrepresented

Our Goals

Recognize, respect and address needs of cultural diversity and the economic positions of families, Increase awareness and accountability of parents’ roles in student achievement, Improve communication between school and parents & Increase academic achievement and graduation rates among undeserved communities.

Our Objectives

Ensure parents are provided with the tools necessary to remain involved, Foster strong relationships among families, teachers, community organizations and city departments to ensure sustainability, Provide access to education and technology & Promote economic development to ensure community sustainability.

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It has been my privilege to facilitate the implementation of the Parents Step Ahead educational curriculum with our Parent Liaisons.  From the moment I met Lupita Colmenero and listened to her share her passion about the curriculum, I knew this was something I wanted to support.  The Parents Step Ahead curriculum provides our parents with valuable tools that will have a positive impact on themselves personally as well as their families.  The curriculum covers many critical topics such as family communication, and health and wellness.  Parents also learn valuable lessons about financial literacy and how to help their children succeed at every level of their education.  The format of the lessons provides time for meaningful discussions and activities that support the learning. I am confident that our parents who attend these classes will be more equipped to handle the challenges they face, and our students will experience more success in school as a result.

Agradece a: Parents Step Ahead, Inc. por ser un ángel de luz que con su gran corazón da felicidad y ayuda a tranformar la vida de niños, niñas y jovenes en condición de discapacidad. Es usted un ser bondad, oportunidades de vida y solidaridad. Gracias por apoyar la educación y la inclusión de nuestros niños.

Parents Step ahead gave me much more than a week of learning about the other side of education.  They gave me a renewed sense of self.  The awareness that there are people out there who recognize the struggles that teachers face and want to do something about it is so empowering in itself.

The trip that I had won from Parents Step Ahead was a trip of a lifetime…I am not just saying that to be nice; it is the truth!  Hands down, I will always fondly remember your exceptional kindness, generosity, cheerfulness and thoughtfulness to me.”

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