Volunteers are the driving force behind Parents Step Ahead. Be part of a phenomenal organization recognizing, educating, enabling and
empowering parents to take a proactive role in the educational and personal development of their children .

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Must be at least 17 years old

School Programs Staff
Assist with school seminar registration, assembly of raffle bags, room/booth set-up & breakdown, directing flow of people, serving meals, childcare, raffle, etc

Family Day Beautification Project 
Assist with school beautification projects in different school districts, some projects can include, a clean-up of the school, planting of a new garden, construction additional rooms, etc.

Parent of the Year Awards Ceremony Event Staff
Assist with registration, room set-up, assemble of gift bags, greet guests, etc.

Need creative and driven individuals interested in education, media, and/or non-profits to help with office duties and general non-profit work.

Learning Opportunities/ Objectives:
Strengthen writing skills while learning about non-profits, media outlets, and community organizations.

Duties, Qualifications, and Projects:

  1. New Media (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, etc.) updates;
  2. Documenting events;
  3. General research;
  4. Mailings;
  5. Data entry;
  6. Misc. office duties

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