Dear Parents and Friends,

It is time to bring out all the resilience strategies of good humor, laughter, patience, compassion, creativity and wisdom that we have been storing within ourselves since the day we were born. Even though our days are quite different now, I strongly encourage you to notice that the sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, the flowers are still blooming, and the rain is still falling from the sky. We will feel the same sensations when we get together again and celebrate life.

For now, we need to move on with our lives with a good spirit, perseverance, determination, and courage to make the best of these times. Soon we will meet again and a hug will embrace not only our bodies but our hearts and minds like never before. Life will be much better because we will rescue the true meaning of our time on earth. We will be able to love and value life like never before.

Let’s be happy, creative, strong, gentle and compassionate with ourselves and others. Read more and tell your children about the heroes out there — the doctors and nurses taking care of others and helping people heal. Tell them about our men and women in uniform, our police force and firefighters, our mailmen, and our farmers, and about all the people who are working tirelessly to make sure we are all safe while all of this passes. Also, don’t forget to ask your kids to write a thank you letter to their teacher, for all the help and efforts during this difficult time.

We will be sharing ideas and sites you can visit to help you cope with everything that is going on, but remember, that the main tools are in your hands. STAY HOME! Until we meet again.

With LOVE,

Lupita Colmenero
President & CEO
Parents Step Ahead, Inc.