Programs & Initiatives

The organization works in partnership with schools, corporations and community organizations to offer a series of half-day school-based seminars for parents throughout the school year. Parents Step Ahead Ambassadors are established at each participating school to assist the organization in reaching out to parents. In December, the year-long program concludes with an awards-ceremony recognizing “Parents of the Year.”

Parents Step Ahead’s newest vision is to build upon its programs by establishing a Parent Step Ahead Center in local schools. It is a proposal of the first ever space inside of schools that will bring the home and school closer together. The Parents Step Ahead Center’s full-time Social Worker, Psychologist and Center Administrator will provide advice on topics related to emotional and educational well being, while establishing mental support systems for academic achievement—thus leading to higher graduation rates. The existence of the Parents Step Ahead Centers will create a link between schools, communities and educational practitioners to provide parents the proper education and resources necessary to ensure the academic and personal success of their children.

Many of the parents who have been through a Parents Step Ahead program are facing struggles in life and are eager to find ways to help their kids succeed, to have a better life. Through its programs and initiatives, Parents Step Ahead has reached more than 28,500 parents among 45 schools in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Richardson, San Antonio, DeSoto and Birdville areas. Due to the generous support of corporations and community leaders, Parents Step Ahead is able to fulfill its mission of providing parents with essential tools to remain actively involved in the educational and personal development of their children- our nation’s precious future.

Programs & Initiatives

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