To parents:

At Parents Step Ahead, we have spent years developing programs to support you and your journey as parents to growing students. Just as it was important then, your role is even more critical now that your child may be out of school. It is important to remember that your child will remember these times by how they felt at home. Their physical and emotional wellbeing are always most important.

We believe in you. You have been through hard times before and have triumphed. These difficult times will pass too. You are resourceful, creative, and strong. Education can come from many sources outside of a traditional classroom. They can come from a nature walk, painting and drawing, reading a book, watching a documentary, and most importantly time with a parent. Stay in touch with your child’s school for important information and guidance. The teachers are thinking of your family too. You can do this.

Larissa Jarvis
Chair, Board of Directors, Parents Step Ahead, Inc.