“Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Parents Step Ahead (PSA)

We were established to remedy the growing lack of awareness plaguing parents, especially underserved parents, which has put their children at a significant disadvantage in school and in life. Parental involvement is an essential component for children’s success of and for what is needed to close the achievement gap that is so prevalent in low-income students. PSA, a 501-C3 nonprofit organization established in 2006, has developed and applied a proven model of parental engagement.

Our nation´s educational challenges are so great and seemingly insurmountable that we learn daily about new programs and approaches.  Foundations big and small, the private sectors, government at all levels and other organizations expend resources and energy to address these vexing issues with the expectation that they will reap dividends, improving outcomes and increasing educational opportunities.

These initiatives are directed at children, and many focus on improving programs that educate our youth directly.  Teachers and schools come to mind when we think of educators.  But have we forgotten the “smallest school” where children learn the most and people teach the most? The family and parents!

Countless studies have proved that the more parents involve themselves in their children’s life and education, the greater the likelihood their children will succeed. Parents, however, often lack information about the best ways to be involved.

We believe that parents are the foundation of their children’s future and to a great extent the key to their success in life.  


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of El Hispano News, the oldest and most respected Hispanic newspaper in north Texas, publisher and founder Lupita Colmenero, a trained social worker and immigrant from Mexico, hosted a gala event recognizing engaged and successful parents in the community.  She learned from this event that parents, particularly of underserved families, were not sufficiently engaged in their children’s education, in their schools and in their individual development.  Colmenero founded PSA in 2006 to address the growing lack of awareness in education that plagues underserved families, which puts their children at a great disadvantage.  PSAbelieves that parents are the foundation of their child’s educational future.  Conversations with experts and research by independent organizations confirm this.

PSA partners with local school districts, companies and community organizations to offer educational school-based programs for parents throughout the year.

Since 2006, PSA has expanded its educational seminars to launch several key initiatives that now make up the entirety of its educational programs.


Parents Step Ahead is accredited with Certificates of Appreciation from Anson Jones Middle School of Northside ISD in San Antonio, TX, Be Covered Texas, The Irving Independent School District and The Consulate General of Mexico, Jose Octavio Tripp. Along with Certificates of Special Recognition from the Richardson ISD Board of Trustees and District 6 Councilmember Monica R. Alonzo of the City of Dallas.