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 Texas Higher Education Students Survey


Department of Communication, The University of Texas at Arlington.


Julian Rodriguez RESEARCH STUDY


The Department of Communication at The University of Texas at Arlington is hereby inviting you to share this online survey with anyone fitting the survey’s participant profile. The purpose of this online survey is to obtain demographic information about unauthorized residents of the United States of America (a.k.a. Undocumented Immigrants) residing in Texas, 18 years of age or older, and attending or planning to attend a Texas public institution of higher education.
All information provided in this survey is done so in an ANONYMOUS way; this survey will NOT ask you for names or any sort of contact information.

To participate in this survey, simply follow the link below:


Thank you very much for your time and interest in this invaluable effort.


Julian Rodriguez, MA
News Director – UTA News en Español
President of Texas Association of Broadcast Educators
Department of Communication
The University of Texas at Arlington
700 W. Greek Row Dr., 118FAB
Arlington, TX 76019-0107
Phone: (817) 272-7040
Email: jrod@uta.edu


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