Jeanne Dulie Kom was born in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. She is currently pursuing an education to become a teacher and is enrolled in the Alternative Certification Program at Brookhaven College. Mrs. Kom and her family relocated to Irving in October 2009. She is proud to be the mother of three boys, Huram-A, Oliver-J and Azriel-I. She volunteers at her children’s school, Thomas Haley Elementary, and assisted with their
Parent Center’s grand opening. Mrs. Kom feels strongly that she needs to be involved in her children’s lives in order for them to have a great future.

Margarita Hernandez was born in Canatlán de las Manzanas, Durango, México, where she completed high school and studied at a secretarial and accounting school. Ms. Hernandez is married to Francisco Adame and they have three daughters, Samantha, Daisy, and Kimberly. Ms. Hernandez is an active volunteer at her daughter’s school, W.C. Daugherty Elementary. She believes that parental involvement is important because a child’s path to success depends on their parents.

Paul Hakes Jr. was born in Homer, Michigan and served in the United States Army during the Panama invasion and Operation Desert Storm as a satellite ground station repair and operation technician. He currently works at Texas Instruments. Mr. Hakes is the proud father of Ashleigh who will attending college next year and has been very involved in the Campus Involvement Committee at every school she has attended. He became involved because he wanted to help her and other students receive a top notch education. Asleigh expressed that as long as she can remember her father has been an active volunteer who makes sure that all children have a better learning environment.

Laura Madrigal was born in Guanajuato, México, and only had the opportunity to complete elementary school. She is married and has three children. Mrs. Madrigal and her family relocated to the United States in 1999 in order to have a better life. She considers her children to be her three treasures and tries to be as involved as possible in their education. Mrs. Madrigal volunteers at her children’s school, Leila P. Cowart
Elementary, by assisting with parent-teacher meetings and any other way possible to be actively involved in her children’s education. She
believes that her children’s education is the most important thing.

Esmeralda Martínez was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. She is married to Rubén Martínez and they have two children, Rubén and Jade. Mrs. Martínez studied Cosmetology in Monterrey and practiced her profession for eight years prior to getting married. She is very dedicated to her children’s education and has been an active volunteer at their school, Urban Park Elementary. Mrs. Martínez has participated in various school school activities such as decorating the school during Christmas to make sure the children were involved in a project and so they could have
beautiful memories of their school experience. She says that her children are the most important thing in her life.

Rosa & Ramón Miranda were born in Valle Hermosa, Tamaulipas, México and have been residing in Venus, Texas since 2001. Due to the adversities of life, they lost everything in México and decided to come to the United States, but didn’t want to leave their grandchildren, Samuel and Gabriel Reyes Miranda, behind in México. Although it’s a challenge for the Mirandas to raise their grandchildren on a fixed income, they are providing the most essential necessities such as respect for others, love, food, and shelter. Mr. and Mrs. Miranda feel very happy and proud that they are able to raise their grandchildren on their own. Their motivation is seeing Samuel and Gabriel happy and doing well in school.

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