Family Day at Irving ISD

March 1, 2014


Lady Bird Johnson Middle School

Lady Bird Johnson Middle School chose to divide up their project into 3 mini projects done. First Parents Step Ahead started with Outdoor clean up, where volunteers walked the grounds picking up trash and installing new trash cans around the campus to prevent future mess. Second PSA focused on improving on the school’s Parent room, providing new furniture and decorations for the office. Lastly PSA helped create a uniform exchange room, where children could trade their lightly used uniforms of the previous year for bigger sizes instead of having to buy all new uniforms.

Johnston Elementary School

Johnston Elementary School’s project was to supplement their existing teachers’ lounge with an improved Teacher Resource Room, where teachers could go for information on varying teaching aspects. This improvement included assembling furniture such as chairs, tables and book shelves, as well as providing teachers with appliances which they previously had not had, like a coffee maker the day ended with volunteers, teachers, and parents participating in a campus wide clean up

Hanes Elementary School

Hanes Elementary School wanted to establish a Parents Resource room, where parents could go for help on upcoming school events, schedule teacher parent conferences and even use the computer located in the room. Furniture like a computer desk and chair was assembled along with shelves for educational materials, and the room was decorated by student’s art work which was made during the event.

Pierce Early Childhood School

Pierce Early Childhood School’s project was to clean and renovate their outdoor learning site. Volunteers and parents planted bushes, installed trash cans, provided maintenance and replaced some of the old equipment. After installing a few more outdoor trash cans around the campus, the crew proceeded to walk the grounds cleaning up the campus.

Family day at NorthSide ISD 

March 22, 2014


John Jay High School KICK OFF

John Jay High School’s project was to improve their Library Courtyard. Parents Step ahead aided in this endeavor by helping to create a small garden, planting several flowers and bushes, as well as creating an enclosure for the garden. Furthermore furniture was bought and assembled on site and the project ended with the installation of several new trash cans and a thorough cleaning of the schools grounds.

Cable Elementary

Cable Elementary’s project was to create an Outdoor Learning site. The school falls along a path which monarch butterflies take during their migration south.  Parents Step Ahead built a “rest stop” for the butterflies outside the school, which included shelter for the butterflies and several student made bird houses for the rest of the year while the butterflies are not migrating as well as a small indoor garden with differing flowers. The new Native Plants Bird and Butterfly Garden  Outdoor Learning Site provides a learning site for all students, their families and staff.  This project was completely built outdoors.

Anson Jones Middle School

Anson Jones Middle School’s project was to renovate their Theater Arts Program. Parents Step Ahead worked to create new work shelves for the students to design their future projects, as well as create and stock several new costume closets for the students to use in their upcoming productions. This program focused on improving the schools Theater Program which was severely lacking in funds as these kinds of programs are the ones first cut when schools have to reduce their budgets.

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