Month of the family is a chance for the faculty, staff, students, family and community to get together and support their school as whole to better the students’ campus. Not every day do families get an opportunity to spend time together or with the faculty outside of the normal school day. Family Day gives everyone a chance to come together and make a difference.

On Saturday, March 25, 2017, Parents Step Ahead (PSA) began the 7th “Family Day” beautification program in Irving ISD. Part 1 of 2017’s Month of the Family began with projects done at Brandenburg Elementary School, Farine Elementary School, and MacArthur High School.


Brandenburg Elementary School

Students and families helped to beautify the school by creating a nutritional garden. The garden will provide the opportunity for learning to happen outside of the classroom, and into the simplicity of nature. Students were also cultivating alimentary vegetation from seed to table, and creating a self-sustaining garden area by recycling their school’s milk cartons.

Farine Elementary School

Students and families helped beautified their courtyard by creating a brand new garden and form an outdoor learning area. Everyone helped by using mostly recycled materials for construction, ultimately teaching students about conservation.

MacArthur High School

The families of MacArthur High School worked hard on perfecting their initiative “Stepping into Inspiration”, a project to offer representation for all clubs and organizations provided by the school. Students and families all worked together to create a mural with inspirational quotes as well as pictures.







On Saturday, April 1, 2017, Parents Step Ahead (PSA) held the second “Family Day” of 2017 to celebrate Month of the Family at Southwest ISD in San Antonio, Texas, with beautification projects to be done at Hidden Cove Elementary, McAuliffe Middle School, and Southwest High School.


Hidden Cove Elementary expanded their learning through an outside classroom setting. Consisting of benches, small tables, and other materials, Hidden Cove was able to expand knowledge through new methods of teaching.

McAuliffe Middle School was able to update their school’s entrance with the help of students and family members. With rocks, pavers, and extra maintenance, they were able to beautify their campus for all to admire. Alongside this, they added banners to their schools as a way to add color and motivation.

Southwest High School focused their efforts on a beautification project for their entire campus. From cleaning around the campus, cutting tall bushes blocking windows, and even restoring the Main Entrance to their Fine Arts building, they found a way to successfully find ways to improve their school.

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