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Kidnap Prevention Guide

Every 40 seconds a child will go missing, making it an estimated total of 2,300 children that are missing in the U.S. every day. Through this Kidnap Prevention Guide, we at Parents Step Ahead hope to help parents understand how to identify danger and take steps to reduce the risk of their kids becoming victims of […]

15 Cualidades Que Deben Demostrar los Padres Para Los Padres

  Los padres, al igual que la mujer del César, además de tener buenas cualidades, deben demostrarlas. 1.    Dar ejemplo de amor y respeto con el cónyuge: Los hijos son como los escáneres que se fijan y dejan grabados todos los detalles. La menor grieta en el amor de los padres, es inmediatamente observada y […]

Coors Light Líderes Vote for Fernando Antonio Osornio!

Parents Step Ahead has nominated a Hispanic leader, Fernando Antonio Osornio, for the Coors Light Líderes award! And we need your <Vote…. Coors Light Líderes honors the importance of leadership in the Hispanic community and works to help up-and-coming Latino leaders to go further. Through our non-profit partnerships, signature programs and long-term investments that support economic development, […]