30 Blogs with Creative Ways to Get Kids Away from the TV

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According to the Nielsen Company, the average kid watches approximately four hours of television per day. When you add in computer, tablet and cell phone usage, the amount of screen time goes up to about 53 hours per week. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN has said that excessive screen time is a contributor to childhood obesity and reduces kids’ ability to focus.  Most parents would prefer their children watch less television, but accomplishing this isn’t always easy. Instead of going cold turkey, gradually reduce the amount of time your child watches TV. These 30 blog articles are full of activities your child can do to replace their normal screen time.


The rise in childhood obesity is one of the major reasons that doctors want to reduce the amount of television time that kids engage in. Instead of watching television, try to get your kids involved in some sort of exercise. Exercising doesn’t have to mean going for a run or participating in a sport; you can get your kids active by encouraging activities like jumping on a trampoline or playing tag in the front yard. Involve the entire family in some sort of physical activity and you can all get fit together. These five blog entries will help get your started.

Outdoor Games

Summertime means that kids have a lot of extra free time on their hands, and if they don’t have planned activities they can end up spending hours in front of the TV. Instead of letting them sit in front of the screen all day, encourage them to get outdoors and play. Take a look at these five blog posts to get ideas for what your kids can do outside.


Craft projects are a great way to get your kids doing something other than watching TV or playing on the computer, and many crafts can be done outdoors. Check out these five blog articles for some creative inspiration.   


Hobbies are a great way to occupy time, whether it’s getting out into nature and bird watching or taking on a new sport. Brainstorm different ideas for hobbies with your kids and find some that fit their interests. For ideas and tips for finding the perfect hobby, read these five blog entries.


Are your kids picky eaters? Do they get bored easily? You can solve both of these problems by getting your kids into the kitchen. There are many kid cookbooks that feature recipes that are easily understood by kids, and spending time in the kitchen can be a fun activity for you to enjoy together. For tips on how to get started cooking with your kids, look at these five blog posts.

Indoor Fun

While the dog days of summer are known for being full of sunshine and hot weather, some days will inevitably be filled with storm clouds and rain. On those days it’s a good idea to have some indoor activities tucked away for the kids to do. Unfortunately there are days that are rainy or just too hot to send the kids outside to play. These five blog posts are full of fun indoor activities; your kids won’t even miss the TV!

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