25 Blogs with Preschool Lessons You Can Teach at Home

by becomeananny.org

You probably find different ways to teach things to your toddler every day, and usually in an informal manner. However, have you ever thought about using a more formal lesson plan to help teach your toddler certain things? The more your child can learn before kindergarten the better off she will be in her education.  Simple math, science, penmanship, spelling and arts concepts can be fun for your child to learn and will benefit her greatly as she enters into kindergarten.  Take a look at these 25 blog entries to gather some ideas for teaching your preschooler at home.


You use math every day, often without even realizing it. You use math when you’re telling time, measuring out recipes and counting out change. To help your child learn some basic math skills, include her as you do these things. Teach her to count and do simple addition. These five blog articles will give you examples to get you started teaching your child basic math skills.


Science may seem like magic to young children, which is important because it helps capture and hold their attention. There are several simple science projects you can do at home, and many require ingredients that are already in the house. For plenty of science experiments you can do at home, check out these five blog posts.


With the rise in popularity of texting and keyboarding, some schools aren’t focusing as much on teaching good handwriting. If you still feel that it’s important for your child to be able to print his letters and write a letter if he needs to, however, then you may want to work through these five blogs for tips that will get your preschooler ready to not only hold a pencil correctly, but also learn to write with it.


Before you begin teaching your child how to spell, start by helping her learn the alphabet and what sounds each letter makes.  Once your child has mastered this, have her work up to three letter words.  Kids can often spell before they can write. Use these five blog entries to learn ways to make spelling fun for your child.


Have some fun with art and music with your preschooler. You can start by teaching your child to find the beat in a song, then have her clap or march to the beat. Kids typically love to sing songs, so teach her some simple songs to sing.  On the days you don’t teach her music you can do art projects to ignite his inner Picasso. To find out more about teaching toddlers art and music, look at these five blog posts.


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