24 Blogs Sharing First Day of School Traditions

24 Blogs Sharing First Day of School Traditions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -parttimenanny.org

As much as summer break is anticipated, it tends to fly by much faster than kids want, and before you know it school is right around the corner again. Going back to school doesn’t have to be a solemn experience though, especially if the kids have a first day of school tradition to look forward to each school year. One common way to commemorate the first day of school is by taking a picture on the first day. You can also serve your kids the same special breakfast each year or create a paper chain to count down the days to school. To learn more fun traditions you can implement to celebrate the first day of school take a look the following 24 blog entries.


Probably one of the most common traditions for the first day of school is taking a first day picture of the kids. If you want to add a creative twist, have your child hold a picture of the previous year’s first day. This will give you an ongoing picture record of how he’s grown through the years. You can also scrapbook the first day of school pictures so your kids can write down their thoughts for the upcoming year. Once he graduates, you can give him the scrapbook as a keepsake. For more picture ideas check out these six blog entries.


Waking up on the first day of school to a special breakfast is a great way to get the kids excited about the day. Whether you take them out for donuts as a special treat or whip up a batch of pancakes normally reserved for the weekend, having a fun breakfast sets the tone for a fun day. To end the day on a high note, you can commemorate their first day back by serving up their favorite meal for dinner while they tell you all about how their first day went. These traditions and others are explained in these six blog posts.     


To drum up excitement in the days leading up to school, assemble a craft with the kids that celebrates the upcoming school year. Have the kids decorate a picture frame to put their first day picture in or make a sign that they can hold in their picture. If you’re making a scrapbook of each year, have the kids help you assemble it. Find out more ideas for activities you can do each year by reading the next six blog posts.


In Germany it’s traditional to give a large paper cone called a shultute full of school supplies to your kids. Some parents have started this tradition with their kids, or have changed it from a cone to a gift bag. Getting a fun bag or cone full of new school supplies will get kids excited about the upcoming school year. To read more about back to school gifts check out these six blog articles.

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