• A 12-year study shows that the Latino college enrollment rate has increased and has surpassed the enrollment rate of whites by 2 percentage points. Learn more.
  • Latinos are now the largest ethnic group in Texas public schools, surpassing non-Hispanic whites in enrollment for the first time in history. Learn more.
  • The number of Hispanic seniors who took AP exams increased by 10.4%. Learn more.

As part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing effort to increase transparency around the cost of higher education, the Department updated lists on its College Affordability and Transparency Center.  

They highlight institutions with the highest and lowest tuition and fees, highest and lowest average net prices, and highest percentage increases in tuition.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) released “The Nation’s Report Card: Trends in Academic Progress 2012,” a long-term trend assessment designed to track changes in the achievement of students ages 9, 13, and 17 since the 1970s.

Notable in the report are the improvements among today’s Hispanic students compared to their peers years ago:

  • 9-year-old Hispanic students scored 25 points higher in reading and 32 points higher in math; and
  • 17-year-old Hispanic students scored 21 points higher in reading and 17 points higher in math.

As a result, while racial/ethnic achievement gaps persist, they are generally smaller than they were four decades ago.


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