PSA Partners With Be Covered TX

Join Us to Bring Important Information on the New Heath Care Law to Your Community

There is a lot of talk about the new health care law, but what does it mean? And, how will those you serve or employ be impacted?

The Affordable Care Act is perhaps the most sweeping reform in the history of our nation’s health care system. We want to make sure people understand the new law so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families — and we need your help!

Be Covered Texas works with community-based organizations and partners large and small to reach people where they live, work, learn, worship, text and tweet. The campaign will join these partners to educate their constituents, to hold neighborhood events linking families to services, and to help Texans Be Covered.

As a valued partner, we will make it as easy as possible to educate your communities by creating information and content you can access online 24/7.

Compliments of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Parents Step Ahead believes that the participation of parents in the education of their children is vital for the success of our community. Our Mission is to recognize, educate, enable and empower parents to take a proactive role in the educational and personal development of their children. Partnering with Be Covered Texas will extend our reach and grant us the platform necessary to educate our community on the opportunities available under the new health care law.”

– Edgar D. Maldonado, Programs & Communications Coordinator

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