Celebrate Month of the Family by making time to spend together!

Take time out of your busy schedule and enjoy some quality time together. Change things up from the everyday running to different activities or simple eating dinner together. Here are some quick and easy activities for you guys try!

  1. Movie Night
  2. Have a picnic in the park- pack up some healthy snacks, lunches or dinner and take a trip to your local park. Eat and Play!
  3. Enjoy an afternoon or evening walk around the neighborhood.
  4. Have Game Night with a Twist
    1. Put a twist on the same old Jenga, add an activity to each block and let the fun begin! Click for Instructions 
    2. Try real Tic-Tac-Toe. Place some X’s and O’s on some plates. Instructions
    3. Glow in the Dark Bowling! Instructions 
  5.   Back Yard Games Spend some time in the outdoors with this great Pre-Spring weather doing any of these activities…
    1. Giant Lawn Matching Game
    2. Water Balloon Piñatas
    3. Outdoor Twister
    4. Flag footabll
  6. Noodle Car Races-  get those race cars out, cut a noodle in half and see who has the fastest car! Instructions 
  7. Obstacle Races– checkout this website with different obstacle races to set up in the back yard or park!
  8. Click here and check out this website for some great Board Games that you can play OUTDOORS! and some other great ideas of course!