Month of the family is a chance for the faculty, staff, students, family and community to get together and support their school as whole to better the students’ campusNot everyday do families get an opportunity to spend time together or with the faculty outside of the normal school day. Family Day gives everyone a chance to come together and make a difference.

On Saturday, March 19, 2016, Parents Step Ahead (PSA) began the 6th “Family Day” beautification program in Irving ISD. Part 1 of 2016’s Month of the Family began with projects done at Lorenzo de Zavala Middle School, John Haley Elementary School and Otis Brown Elementary.

Lorenzo de Zavala Middle School

Students and families helped to beautify the wetlands by the school. They planted several flower beds,  and cleared brush and spruced up the path leading out to the wetlands. Other activities included cleaning areas around the wetlands and track.

John Haley Elementary School

Students and families helped beautified their courtyard by creating a brand new garden by planting several flower beds. Everyone helped by painting old benches and assembling an umbrella around the picnic tables.  Other activities included cleaning areas around the playground.

Otis Brown Elementary

The families of Brown worked hard on their courtyard removing brush, and dead plants to make way for new plants and flowers. The little helpers from Brown painted flower pots and blocks to decorate the courtyard.


On Saturday, April 2, 2016, Parents Step Ahead (PSA) held the second “Family Day” of 2016 to celebrate Month of the Family at Northside ISD in San Antonio, Texas, with beautification projects to be done at Anson Jones Middle School and Cable Elementary School.

Cable Elementary expanded their outdoor learning center by creating and painting new pathways and planting new flowers throughout their garden. This would be the third expansion of Cable’s garden since we brought this program to their school in 2014.

PSA is proud to announce that Anson Jones Middle School was able to fund the Awesome Stitchers Club due to our gran. Awesome Stichers Club is dedicated to learning a valuable life skill of sewing, not only is the club a place for students to  further their learning outside of the normal classroom, but will also have a chance to raise funds for the school and club!

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