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20 Blogs with the Best Tips for New Middle Schoolers

by You and your child have managed to survive and hopefully thrive during the elementary school years, which makes the next big hurdle to tackle middle school. Along with that transition will come new challenges, opportunities and potential problems. If you’re wondering what you and your child may encounter and how to deal with […]

FCC Takes Next Step in Connecting All Schools

by The ConnectED initiative announced by the President on June 6, 2013 aims to connect 99% of students across the country to broadband in 5 years. The initiative consists of three main efforts: Upgraded Connectivity: ConnectED will, within five years, connect 99 percent of America’s students to the digital age through next-generation broadband and high-speed wireless […]

Gender Equality In Today’s Society

by Carly Pablos Because the class of 2016 at my university had a fifteen percent acceptance rate, it’s pretty common for a conversation with my friends to turn into a speculation of why we were accepted. “My parents both went here, so I’m a legacy,” one girl chirps. “I’m a first generation college student,” another […]

10 Reasons Your Child Should See a Specialist

by Although you might love your child’s pediatrician, sometimes you may wonder if you need to see a specialist who has a deeper understanding of a particular issue. Unless your doctor refers you elsewhere, it’s difficult to discern whether or not you need a specialist to examine a particular area in greater depth. There […]

25 Blogs with Preschool Lessons You Can Teach at Home

by You probably find different ways to teach things to your toddler every day, and usually in an informal manner. However, have you ever thought about using a more formal lesson plan to help teach your toddler certain things? The more your child can learn before kindergarten the better off she will be in […]

30 Blogs with Creative Ways to Get Kids Away from the TV

 by admin | in Nanny Websites According to the Nielsen Company, the average kid watches approximately four hours of television per day. When you add in computer, tablet and cell phone usage, the amount of screen time goes up to about 53 hours per week. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN has said that excessive screen time is […]

Premiar a los hijos, aplicando las virtudes y valores humanos.

Los premios que dan los padres cuando educan bien a los hijos, no son recompensas como las que se otorgan en rifas, sorteos o concursos. Son regalos, galardones o pagos por méritos realizados o como consolación por haber visto frustradas sus esperanzas. Los padres tienen que tener la misma vara para medir las correcciones, que para medir […]